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Chronoserv Inc.

Welcome to my site!

 Chronoserv Inc. is the only "Official Repair Center" for the original Chronosport watch line.

Please note that when Chronoserv started up in 1999 when we got  an agreement with Chronosport to continue servicing their customers.We have all the computer records of Chronosport customers that date back to 1990.So if it's been a long time since your watch was serviced by Chronosport give us a call and we should be able to look up your watches history.There are other repair companies claiming that we are only claiming to be the official repair company of Chronosport but we can back it up.They have also claimed that they were trained by Chronosport, but as the former Service Manager of Chronosport I can tell you the this is false.So be aware of false claims.We have the most experience in the repair of the Chronosport watch line.

Please note: I've been in Naples FL since July 2013 and have been renting a shop space until I got the feel of the area. I have a closing on a new place on June 6 2014 and the shop will be closed down for packing up the shop as of June 15 2014 and should open the shop about July 1 2014 I will still have the same contact info as I'm moving only a 1/2 mile away. Thanks for understanding as I really am not looking to moving my shop twice in 1 year but it is necessary. Paul J. DiBona CW